What we do

We are a team who have built a network of associates, partner organisations and sponsors who share our vision and values in delivery of customer centred, outcome driven public service change.  We bring this diversity of experience to our approach through three areas of engagement with our clients:


Enabling boards, and executive teams to define their ideal organisation and deliver value-adding, efficient and impactful outcomes through:

  • Defining the values that drive your strategic vision and case for change
  • Designing change programmes and enabling their delivery
  • Developing organisational capability and capacity
  • Facilitating peer mentoring and improvement networks
  • Enabling knowledge and skills transfer
  • Connecting organisations with their staff and customers through a co-production model of engagement

Organisation & Strategy

Engaging people across the business/sector to shape, understand and own the implementation of the change required to realise the ‘ideal’ organisation through:

  • Creating the environment for successful change delivery
  • Structuring programme and project management arrangements
  • Co-designing business change activities
  • Identifying success measures – driven by value for money principles
  • Managing performance of change programmes
  • Delivering a values-based culture through implementing behavioural competency frameworks
  • Building organisational resilience for lasting change

One Public Service

We facilitate sector reform through collaboration and sharing.  We provide access to the insights and experiences of a wide range of executives, senior decision-makers and influencers to identify and galvanise action that delivers shared agendas for a common purpose. We achieve this by facilitating:

  • Knowledge transfer opportunities around key societal challenges
  • Relationship brokerage between sectors to enable effective partnership and collaboration
  • A range of conversations/events where sector leaders can come together in a safe environment to define responses to societal challenges.
  • Ensuring organisational changes complement/enhance wider public service outcomes